Pioneer of vélocouture 
The Belgian fashion & footwear brand CYCLEUR de LUXE was founded in 2012 and takes its inspiration from Belgium’s rich cycling & fashion history. Cycleur introduces consumers to vélo-couture in the form of a trendy lifestyle collection, full of details that refer to the bicycle. Through marketing and product innovation, CYCLEUR de LUXE motivates trendy people to stay fit. CYCLEUR de LUXE is available throughout the Benelux and is expanding rapidly in Europe. We are always looking for motivated partners to join us in taking our #cycleurmovement to the next level. 

We style cyclists around the world.
The main goal of CYCLEUR de LUXE is to style cyclists from all over the world and become the leading lifestyle brand in cycling. The interest in cycling is constantly increasing because it’s trendy, healthy and fun! We carry out this part of our mission by sponsoring well known cycling teams and riders such as Team Jumbo – Visma, Minerva Continental Team, Johan Museeuw and Ruben Van Gucht. Our goal is to help you express your love for cycling by dressing you with CYCLEUR products from head to toe. 

RE>CYCLEUR marked the start of a new story for Cycleur de Luxe. With the ever increasing concerns about the environment, we at Cycleur decided it was time to do our bit. This is why we came up with the idea to start the RE>CYCLEUR line. This sustainable and eco-friendly collection was launched in 2021 and has been developed with the utmost respect for the environment and industry. The entire collection is made of eco-friendly materials and is 100% biodegradable. Customers can request a 10% discount voucher when returning their pair of RE>CYCLEUR, which they can use when purchasing a new pair of RE>CYCLEUR.
The #cycleurmovement aims to motivate people to live a fashionable, and healthy lifestyle, while respecting our environment. For example, we  encourage people to trade the car for the bike whenever possible. We think that’s Cli-mate-cool! Can you relate to this story? Tag your pictures and your stories with #cycleurmovement and #climatecool on social media! 

About our products
Both our shoes and textile are made of the finest and most durable materials. CYCLEUR de LUXE is known for its striking new colors, unique prints & material textures. Every three months, CYCLEUR de LUXE updates its collection. This way we are always up-to-date with the latest trends. Since 2021 CYCLEUR de LUXE also has an ecofriendly shoe line: “Re>cycleur”.