The Belgian-based vélo-couture brand CYCLEUR de LUXE is expanding its collection with RE>CYCLEUR, a new line of eco-friendly and sustainable sneakers.

The RE>CYCLEUR collection offers two innovative sneaker lines, each based on distinct sustainability concepts.


  • Materials: 100% pure linen or vegetal-tanned leathers, bio cotton for socks and linings, and hemp laces.
  • Sustainability impact: Linen, bio cotton, and hemp are plant-based fibers that are naturally decomposable. The Flanders Flax plant used for linen yarn is sourced to Cycleur's founder's textile family, a major supplier of flax fibers and tops. The vegetal tanned leathers are supplied through the Leather Working Group (LWG) approved tanneries.
  • Reference styles: RE-GRIND, RE-SET, RE-BOUND and RE-FLICK.


  • Materials: Recycled leather, fast-wicking and recycled mesh for linings and socks, and recycled laces.
  • Sustainability impact: recycled leather reduces water consumption by 40% compared to regular leather tanning and optimizes the use of skin surface. The recycled mesh and laces are made form reconditioned polyester filament yarn.
  • Reference styles: Break II and CAUBERG.


RE>CYCLEUR sneakers can be returned to the CYCLEUR de LUXE webshop address or selected RE>CYCLEUR dealers, this after life cycle. Returning RE>CYCLEUR sneakers will grant a 10% discount voucher for a future purchase of RE>CYCLEUR sneakers. Returned sneakers will either be dismantled into parts for recycling into new components or enter our RE>CARE lab: Cycleurs’ newest concept to create refurbished sneakers. RE>CARE lab is a collaboration between CYCLEUR de LUXE, the Belgian University KU Leuven, Flanders DC and Vlaio.


At CYCLEUR de LUXE, we say “pak de vélo,” Flemish slang for "take your bike," to emphasize that you can help the environment just by riding your bike.

Through CYCLEUR de LUXE's branding and socials by using #cycleurmovement, we promote cycling lifestyle. Becoming eco-conscious can start with small steps, such as riding a bike more often instead of using a car in daily life. It’s healthy, on trend and climate-cool after all. Wearing RE>CYCLEUR sneakers as the next step, supports the industrial transition towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly sneaker industry. In this way, step by step, gear by gear, we’ll contribute to a greener future, with style. And remember, pak de vélo!

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