Cycling teams Knokke-Heist

In the aftermath of the World Championships TT in Knokke, cycling is more popular then ever here. Are you looking for a recreational cycling team in the proximity of Knokke-Heist? Look no further, we've made a list of local teams for you!


Cycling team De Jumpers

Cycling team "De Jumpers" has been a part of the cycling scene in Knokke for years now. They start their season in march with a few sunday rides, later into the season they also have an evening ride on wednesday. This until september, after which an international trip follows. The distance of their rides varies between 50 and 120 kilometres. Perfect for a recreational cyclist, right? They also have an eternal classification where everyone can see how many kilometres they have done over the years. Louis Talpe also frequently joins the team for a ride.

wielerclub de bumpers sponsoring cycleur de luxe

De bumpers

De Bumpers is a cycling team from Knokke as well. They are, as they say themselves, real Flandriens. During summertime they organise up to three rides a week. A morning ride on sunday and two evening rides on monday and wednesday. During wintertime they only organise the sunday morning ride. Do you want to join this team? Just click the link below!

 wielerclub de jumpers sponsoring cycleur de luxe

Passe Vite

We've got something for the ladies as well. Passe Vite is a very nice community that organises plenty of rides. They ride every sunday morning and from may until september they have an evening ride on wednesday as well. The length of these rides varies from 50 kilometres during wintertime to 60-80 kilometres during the summer. This team also hosts both a winter and summer championship. The perfect fit for the competitive ladies among us. More information down below!

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De Kletse Kieten

De Kletse Kieten is a cycling team in Knokke that has been around for a couple of years. They organise weekly rides and participate in lots of fun events like a New Years ride. They organise a seasonal championship too, which crowns one champion every season. 


Wielertoeristenclub Strandjutters

Wtc Strandjutters is a local cycling team located in Knokke-Heist. They host both sunday and weekday rides. They use a points system to crown a champion every season as well. They also organise a yearly trip. The past few years they've visited Stelvio, the Vosges, Roubaix and the Mont Ventoux. Sounds fun? You can apply at the link belox!

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  • +3250 51 60 58

Figaro 25 Cycling Ladies

Figaro 25 was founded for ladies who aren't comfortable riding in big groups. It's a local team who wants to teach women the "basics" of cycling. They have 1 ride a week, on thursday. They also offer tons of fun activities like a yearly day ride with nice destination, a reception and an action for a good cause. There are also a few workshops throughout the year with subjects like first aid, how to change a tire, how to do maintenance and what is a good position on the bike. Do you want to join for a ride? More information on the website below!


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  • 0473 87 82 98

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