Cycleur de Luxe - RE>CYCLEUR project

With the growing concerns about the environment, the people at CYCLEUR de LUXE decided it was time to take action. We are going to make a difference, no doubt about it.


Cycleur de Luxe launched the first RE>CYCLEUR collection in 2021. This is the first sustainable and environmentally friendly line, developed with care for both the environment and the industry. Customers can even return the shoes after use and receive a 10% discount voucher. This discount can be used for future RE>CYCLEUR purchases.

 Eco-friendly CYCLEUR de LUXE sneakers

The entire shoe collection is 100% degradable and made of eco-friendly materials. The shoes are made of chromium-free leather, vegetable tanned suede or flax from Flanders fields. The collection is made with the greatest respect for the environment and an eye to the future. The flax used in these shoes comes from the family of Cycleur’s owner, Patrick Vanneste. More info can be found here.

The RE>CYCLEUR collection consists of various fashionable models. We offer a wide range of different colours and prints with the emphasis on a healthy, fashionable and Cli-Mate-Cool lifestyle.


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