VACANCY: Sales agent(s) | Distributor(s)

VACANCY: Sales agent(s) | Distributor(s)

Cycleur de Luxe is a category innovator in the cycling couture, with a broad range of men & women sneakers. Cycleur de Luxe is active in the mid and higher segment, and we’ve built out a strong network in the Benelux countries. We’re convinced that there are still are a lot of commercial possibilities worldwide.

 We aim at dynamic consumers, who love to be fashionable, remain fit and climate-friendly. We offer successful business models for modern shoe & fashion -retailers, both on- & offline. The growing consumer demand internationally and recent success stories with retailers worldwide, are our motivation to intensify our brand expansion strategy.

 “We are looking to team up with strongly introduced sales agents or national distributors who could represent our brand in their territory. Options for various countries or areas, outside Benelux countries. Interest? Send your motivation and resume to |

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