It is with great pride that Cycleur de Luxe announces its partnership with Veranda’s Willems-Crelan, the cycling team of triple world champion cyclocross Wout van Aert, former Belgian Champion and Tour of Flanders-winner Stijn Devolder, Sean De Bie and Aidis Kruopis. It is a young and ambitious team that continues the everlasting search for new ways to raise the bar. For them, it means making targeted choices and getting the best out of those young legs. Both first class guidance and professional materials are of the greatest importance to achieve those kind of results.

Cycleur de Luxe is a Belgian shoe brand that takes inspiration for their designs from the rich cycling heritage of Belgium. In online marketing, Cycleur de Luxe aims to inspire as many people as possible with #cycleurmovement campaigns to find a balance between a fashionable, healthy and ‘climatecool’ lifestyle. For example, by trading the car for the bike from time to time.

The lifestyle brand is a trusted go-to for many fashionable cycling lovers around the world, but now the brand wants to engage in the professional cycling circuit as well. Cycleur de Luxe has had a longstanding -and continuing- coöperation with world champion and cycling icon Johan Museeuw, the Lion of Flanders, as brand ambassador. The new partnership with the young and ambitious Sniper Cycling team is a perfect addition and highlights an active profiling in both cyclocross and road racing. In addition to this, the brand is supporting a young and promising talent in triathlon: Jelle Vlietinck.

Veranda’s Willems-Crelan Cycling Team is a perfect fit when it comes to mindset and persona. Both the men’s and women’s team will be showing off the Cycleur de Luxe shoes when not riding their bike.

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