Through the eyes of CYCLEUR de LUXE

Finally the time has come, after years of playing with the idea and a lot of preparatory work, CYCLEUR de LUXE presents its first apparel collection.
This first apparel collection is called "Through the eyes of CYCLEUR de LUXE" and tells the story of what a cyclist sees while cycling. So on our T-shirts "Nivolet", "Kaunteral" & "Grappa" you can find landscapes that riders encounter during their training rides.

The rest of the textile collection also features details from cycling, for example, the shoulder of most jumpers feature a number of buttons, referring to the old cycling jerseys.
We also find the well-known back pockets on the back of the sweaters. This is not only a nice reference to the sport, but also functional. The back panel of our clothing often has a longer cut, so the clothing is also ideal for cycling.

The clothing is made of sustainable materials and is entirely designed in Belgium by the CYCLEUR de LUXE team.

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